Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A rose would smell as sweet...

15 July Friday proper 10

Mark 3:7-19a
Jesus called and appointed twelve, whom he also named apostles.

Jesus gave Some of the apostles special new names. And all of them were thereafter named apostles.

In the sense that it is described here, we are each 'named' various different things through our lives. For the past 19 years in many circles, my name has been mom, or a hyphenated name 'this-child's-mom' or 'that-child's-mom'

Now, I suppose, my name could become 'empty-nester'
But no, I don't think that will be my primary identity.

I feel, at least this week, like emptying the nest is a transitional stage, but the state of not having children at home, while it will change how I spend much of my time, will not be who I am.
I mean, isn't the term really more about who a person is Not? (not the parent of a child at home any more)
I think I should Be who I be, not who I don't be, if that makes sense!

The question is, then what name shall occupy the large portion of day to day living that has been filled by the name mom?

God, who created me and calls me your child, help me know which of my names should increase, while others decrease. Amen.

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