Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How will I know what a muggle is?

6 August The Transfiguration
On the mountaintop, Jesus is transfigured, appearing in glory with Elijah and Moses before Peter, James and John.

I suspect that the vast majority of young people today do not picture this scene when they hear the word "transfiguration."
Rather, they think of transfiguration in terms of the class taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series. It is the art of changing the appearance of something -- which of course is what happened to Jesus. But because I know about the impact of Hogwarts on their generation, I know the term conjures up very different images from the historic Biblical reference.

I know this newer cultural reference because I read my children the books as they were growing up. When they go away, how will I keep up with the many cultural references that their presence in my life has introduced to me?
Keeping in touch with youth will have to involve more conscious research and attention now that I will no longer have them at home.

Thank you God, for the things I have seen and learned because of my children.
Lead me to continue to find ways to see your world through the eyes of others of different ages and interests. Amen.

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