Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Are you worried? Yes but Not for the reasons people expect!

17 July Sunday proper 11

Matthew 25:14-30
Jesus tells the parable of the talents. The one who takes risks and fully uses the treasure pleases the master most and gains the most.

I am so proud that my daughter, who has left the nest, does indeed take risks and use her talents, and I try to encourage it. But right now I am quite fearful for her!

If I have the facts all right (and it is pretty sketchy over all these miles, even with the great communication technology we have) yesterday she was admitted to the only eye hospital in occupied Palestine. At this moment she is blind in one eye with a 'corneal ulcer.' Exact cause and cure are to be determined.

When people hear my 19 year old is in occupied Palestine they often ask if it worries me that she is taking such a risk. I doubt they are thinking in terms of This kind of risk!

The thing is, our children may leave the nest physically, but they are still so very near in heart. And they still need us. As we need them.

God, guide the doctors and others who are there with our loved ones when they are away from us.
And continue to encourage us to take risks and use our talents in your service, even when we encounter frightening things along the way.
And heal my child!

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