Wednesday, 24 August 2011

keeps on slipping into the future

24 August Wednesday proper 16
God said "Ask what I should give you" and Solomon chose wisdom.

I always figured since Solomon knew to ask for wisdom he was in fact already wise, and didn't really need wisdom.
I wonder what I would want God to give me right now.
That is, when Solomon chooses wisdom, God is so pleased with the choice, that Solomon gets all sorts of other things too.

What of the "other things" would be especially good at this particular juncture in my life?

The fact is, God IS giving me a gift when the nest empties.
With no more "mom's taxi" assignments, I will receive the incredibly valuable gift of Time.
I need to be thoughtful and plan how to intentionally use that gift, and not just let it melt into more of doing the same-old same-old.

God you give me time, talent and treasure.
Give me a sense of purpose and a plan to use your gifts wisely, and not take them for granted.
In particular, keep me from squandering the gift of additional time I am soon to receive.

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